As promised, we are working to keep you informed and updated on our restarting plans for the Monday night movie series, which is the reason for this message.  With this update we have one of those “good news/bad news” situations.  Let’s get the bad news out of the way first…

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic is still very much with us and so are the restrictions that come with it, including New York State’s current ruling that restaurants and bars cannot have separate show attractions which include live “headlined” music, dinner theater, standup comedy, magic shows and movie screenings.  This means that our anticipated restarting date of March 2021 is not possible and our Monday night movie series is still on hold.

OK, that’s the bad news…Now for the GOOD news:

Since our last update various COVID vaccines have been approved and are currently being administered to the public, with additional vaccines expected to be approved for use in the near future. 

While nobody (not even the health experts) can realistically predict the vaccination and resulting herd immunity timeline with complete accuracy, it’s the consensus among health professionals that if things go well and enough people get vaccinated over the summer, the situation should be greatly improved and under control by the fall of 2021.

With that predicted timeline in mind, we are now optimistic about being able to safely resume our Monday night screenings at the Spaghetti Warehouse with a fall 2021 season.  That is by no means an absolute promise or guarantee, but it’s a target date that we can now reasonably aim for given the current and anticipated vaccine situation. 

During our hiatus please rest assured that the Syracuse Cinephile Society is continuing to work closely with the Spaghetti Warehouse and our studio distributors to monitor COVID and vaccine developments and keep you updated and informed as to our restarting status and plans.

We will continue to give you updates and in the meantime please enjoy our daily poster images on our “Syracuse Cinephile Society” group page on Facebook….and please continue to support our friends at The Spaghetti Warehouse which is still open for take-out and socially distanced indoor dining.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding, and we’ll be back with “in person” Monday night movie screenings just as soon as we can….and when we return we’ll have great shows lined up for you.

Enjoy your dinner before the show.  It is suggested you arrive for dinner No Later than 6:15PM so you can complete your meal prior to show time at 7:30PM

Please join us for dinner before the show, now with Cheesecake Factory desserts!  It is suggested you arrive for dinner no later than 6:15PM so you can complete your meal prior to show time at 7:30PM!

The Monday Night Series is Brought to you by Syracuse Cinephile

Located at the Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant
 Programs begin at 7:30 PM

Members – $3.00
Non-Members – $3.50
Annual Membership – $5.00